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With an eclectic style, ChazCasts specializes in digital storytelling through video production in Collin County and surrounding. We have a passion for helping North Texas nonprofits and businesses tell their stories.

There is no better way to communicate what is special and unique about your organization than by telling your story with video. We have a great content creation process that is easy and produces fantastic results!

We don’t just create business video, we create experiences that engage audiences in an inherently personal way thereby creating powerful memories.


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What is ChazCasts?

ChazCasts is a creative team of experienced storytellers, interviewers, and videographers who work with you to create podcasts, videos, and other creative media to help you tell your story.  As business owners we recognize that you have incredible vision for your work, but don’t always have the time and resources to make that vision known. We are here to help you tell your story and share your vision in a unique and creative way.  Whether your budget is big or small, ChazCasts works to spread your story and vision to a broader audience.
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How can Video help your Business?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has unlimited power to communicate. With video, viewers can see, hear, and immerse themselves into your story and grab hold of your enthusiasm. With our expertise in video production in North Dallas, you can connect with more people than ever before.

How Else can a video help you? It can…

Boost Your Website Traffic

Achieving high rankings and quality traffic is a primary goal for virtually every business or organization, and nothing can compare to a video’s ability to attract people to your site. They give you more visibility in search results, provide inbound links, and, perhaps greatest of all, are extremely “shareable.” If your video happens to go viral, there’s no limit to how much exposure your site will receive.

Video Introduces Your Potential Client To You

Whether you’re selling something or trying to convince someone of a cause, the key to conversions is making an emotional connection. With video, you can reach out to residents in Dallas and beyond, and with our skills at blending images, interviews, music, and more, you are sure to have a stirring film that builds trust with your customers. The emotional connection created by video is so strong that when faced with choosing between two companies (one with a video and one without) consumers almost always select the company with a video.

It’s Easy and Works Non-Stop

By using video, you can craft your ideal sales pitch and ensure it delivers the proper message every time. Unlike a sales staff, there’s no training involved and it works for you 24 hours a day. Even while you’re sleeping, someone online could be viewing your video and becoming interested in your site. Who or what else is willing to work so hard for your business?

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