Telling YOUR story through Video

At ChazCasts we understand the power of online video and know how to tell a compelling story in an effective and concise manner. We believe that your video is an investment.  It is an extension of you.  It expresses your brand, your message, even your personality.  So we take it very seriously.


To My Daughter: End Of Summer….Not End Of Fun!

Alright.  ChazCasts has had one heck of a great summer.   I took part in a number of events, interviewed some fantastic authors and notable speakers, and of course created some videos that the ChazCasts team is very proud… Continue reading

Podcasting 102: Ask ‘Em About A Hobby!

ChazCasts has had some nearly 50+ interviews since starting this company in April. If there is anything I have learned….sometimes interviews don’t go so well. Either the interviewee isn’t interested, isn’t comfortable, or not sure what to say. Either way… Continue reading

You Can Walk The Walk…But Can You Talk The Talk??

We know the old saying…”You Can Talk The Talk But Can You Walk The Walk?”  Well at ChazCasts we take a different view…we are all about helping a business grow by “talking”.  We know that business owners can… Continue reading

Your Website…So Much To Do (So Little YOU!)

What’s with the jumble of words?  Just an idea that ChazCasts has for what goes into a website.  You see these aren’t a random order of words..they are the ingredients to your website soup!  Every image you… Continue reading

Videos And Podcasts…Bring Out The Big Guns!!

Videos and Podcasts….BOOM, that’s all ChazCasts can say.  If you want to make an impact with visitors to your website, give them the best from your media arsenal.  A video, if done briefly and to the point (between… Continue reading

Sharing Is Caring…

Children learn… “Sharing Is Caring”, but ChazCasts says this isn’t just a lesson for kids.   In fact, I think it should be a mantra for all business owners who engage with an audience through their website!  When… Continue reading

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