Telling YOUR story through Video

At ChazCasts we understand the power of online video and know how to tell a compelling story in an effective and concise manner. We believe that your video is an investment.  It is an extension of you.  It expresses your brand, your message, even your personality.  So we take it very seriously.

Video Editing

During editing, the raw (possibly long and dull) footage is transformed into something that gets people’s attention and motivates them to take action. Whether you want viewers to join your cause, buy a product, or simply share your video, careful editing is the key.

Editing Services Include

Creative Consultation – Helping you identify your target audience and the core messages you are trying to convey.

Story Outline – This outline will direct footage and make it easier for us to decide what remains in the video and what stays on the cutting room floor.

Color Correction of Footage – We can evaluate any footage and adjust its color and exposure. We can also add a signature look to your footage to elevate its production value.

Audio Mastering – Recording audio can be tricky. Most video cameras do a poor job of it. Our audio experts can improve the sound drastically and reduce any unwanted noises.

Photo Retouching – Still photographs can make an interesting addition to a video; give us your favorite old or new photos and we can transform them into a high quality image.

Recorded Voice-Over – Our editors can add voice-overs to any part of your video for an interesting result.

Custom Music – Music is what breathes life into your video. Pairing the right music with the right video can add depth and emotional impac

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