Telling YOUR story through Video

At ChazCasts we understand the power of online video and know how to tell a compelling story in an effective and concise manner. We believe that your video is an investment.  It is an extension of you.  It expresses your brand, your message, even your personality.  So we take it very seriously.


Your Newsletter….Let It Breath!!

In our push to market and get 0urselves exposure I think small business owners sometimes over do it.  We get an idea and once we’re pumped to execute, we go full speed through the marketing forest without looking at… Continue reading

Don’t Let Yourself Go!

We just finished Thanksgiving…what’s next?  December….that’s right, office parties and more holiday celebrating!  Perhaps its time for Chaz to get on the treadmill to keep all that festivity burned off?  Speaking of not “letting yourself go.” … Continue reading

Take Your Customers To School….

ChazCasts says if you want to draw a crowd to your website….teach ’em something!  I know what you are going to say…if you show them they won’t need your services, right?  Wrong.  I think I have two… Continue reading

Blitzkrieg Blog!

Feeling short on time, yet want to still relate to your audience?  Hey, ChazCasts knows your dilemma….kids, work, errands…its hard to balance those, and still find time to keep your website up to date.    As a… Continue reading

Podcasting 102: Ask ‘Em About A Hobby!

ChazCasts has had some nearly 50+ interviews since starting this company in April. If there is anything I have learned….sometimes interviews don’t go so well. Either the interviewee isn’t interested, isn’t comfortable, or not sure what to say. Either way… Continue reading

You Can Walk The Walk…But Can You Talk The Talk??

We know the old saying…”You Can Talk The Talk But Can You Walk The Walk?”  Well at ChazCasts we take a different view…we are all about helping a business grow by “talking”.  We know that business owners can… Continue reading