Telling YOUR story through Video

At ChazCasts we understand the power of online video and know how to tell a compelling story in an effective and concise manner. We believe that your video is an investment.  It is an extension of you.  It expresses your brand, your message, even your personality.  So we take it very seriously.

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November And December Is A Good Time To Go Nuts!

Let’s face it….October has just come and went, we only have a few weeks till Thanksgiving and then after that, its shopping madness for the biggest holiday of all!  But that is no reason to feel that business has… Continue reading

Opinions…Don’t Make An Ass Out Of Yourself!

Opinions…even good ones can have a negative effect on your business. ChazCasts has surely heard plenty of them…you know what they sound like, right?…”you should do this, you should do that, if I were doing it I would do it… Continue reading

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

Chaz is really blowing it on the Twitter forefront. Geez, only started the account over 60 days ago….and 1 tweet!! I actually think it has rained more in the lone star state than Chaz has entered a tweet. No fear,… Continue reading

Hitting The Bullseye With Your Video

Wow. Making a video…it can be fun, it can show your creative side, it can help you engage with a client, it can demonstrate a widget, it can help with SEO, you name it!  But, when you create a… Continue reading

Venturing Out…Podcasting In The Wild?

ChazCasts was reminded yesterday that venturing out of your comfort zone leads to great discoveries…like podcasting in the wild!   Well, not quite in the wild, but at a fairgrounds where ChazCasts stumbled upon a 200+ biker party.  ChazCasts… Continue reading

Sharing Is Caring…

Children learn… “Sharing Is Caring”, but ChazCasts says this isn’t just a lesson for kids.   In fact, I think it should be a mantra for all business owners who engage with an audience through their website!  When… Continue reading